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Local Search Optimization Strategies

The Web may have no borders, but an increasing number of users are looking for products and services available in their local areas. Hence, it is important that you take time to ensure that local customers can find your business when they look at local resources.

Here are some tips on how to ensure that your business is visible in local search:
  • Make sure that your business is included in your local phone directories listing.
  • Many local directories use content from any of these three content aggregators: InfoUSA, Acxiom and Amacai. Check and update your business listing on these companies.
  • Submit your listings to local directories of search engines such as Yahoo Local
  • Include your listing in map search such as Google Maps Local Business Center
  • Update and check your listing in the top yellow pages and vertical directories. Use Local Search Guide to see listings of yellow pages and vertical directories
  • Optimize your pages to rank high in your main keywords as well as in your local area. A well optimized title could include your business name, keyword and location
  • Reach out to local bloggers who talk about your area and businesses in your area. Let them know about your business, and if possible, give them a sample of your products and services. Hopefully, they’ll like it enough to write a positive review about your business.
  • Find Web sites about your area (e.g. city guide and tourist information area). Check if there’s a way to have your site listed, even featured in the site. Consider advertising as well.
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